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Lightning Early Warning System

Automatic Recovery Solution

Before a lightning strike occurs, our lightning strike early warning system detects electronic signals in the atmosphere and issues alerts in the expected strike area. To ensure world-class reliability, we utilize lightning detection equipment from Campbell Scientific, a trusted provider based in the United States.


Our observation system can detect lightning in advance within a reference radius of 32 km and issue alerts during the caution, warning, and climber phases. It also incorporates an "auto-recovery solution" that automatically prepares for each stage of a lightning strike. This comprehensive approach helps prevent both direct damage and indirect damage caused by induced currents.


We are proud to introduce our lightning strike early warning system, which plays a vital role in protecting valuable assets and ensuring safety.






Our lightning strike early warning system remains on standby 365 days a year, continuously monitoring electronic signals. We utilize lightning detection equipment from Campbell Scientific, a renowned provider based in the United States, to ensure the highest level of reliability in the world.


With our system, we can detect lightning within a radius of 32 km from the lightning detection equipment. It tracks atmospheric signals that indicate the presence of lightning and applies the sensor information in real time to our alert system. This enables us to provide timely and accurate warnings to mitigate the risks associated with lightning strikes.



An automated alarm system has been established to issue warnings prior to lightning strikes, enabling three stages of alerts: lightning warning (30 minutes before), alert (20 minutes before), and imminent (10 minutes before). This system ensures sufficient response time for individuals to protect their safety and property.



Depending on the progressive alert issuance, it can be integrated with the existing disaster alert system, allowing for effective coordination and dissemination of information. This enables the provision of advance guidance to the public in various areas, including major institutional facilities and large-scale tourist destinations, thereby helping to prevent potential damage and ensure the safety of individuals.

Remote Power Off

Automatic recovery solutions are designed to mitigate the risks of direct damage caused by repeated lightning strikes and indirect damage resulting from induced currents. By implementing these solutions, it becomes possible to protect property and ensure safety more effectively. As part of these measures, power to major computer facilities and tourist facilities can be automatically temporarily shut off 10 minutes before lightning strikes, during the critical stage.

Lightning Strike


Minimize damage before lightning strikes with sufficient preparation is required. After a lightning strike, the main computer facilities that have been turned off and remotely powered off are automatically powered to normalize. Returning to the normal lightning control phase, continuously detecting and tracking

electronic signals in the atmosphere.

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