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What is the fastest and most effective way to alert unexpected accident such as floods, bad weather, safety issues, suppression of protests, and festival crowd accidents? The most effective way to alert the public is to follow clear and easy-to-understand instructions by broadcasting a voice or siren. Our system is simple, easy to use, and powerful. It will eliminate confusion, restore order, and most importantly save lives




Mass Notification System

The notification systems for dam discharge, unexpected attacks, and power plants (including nuclear, thermal, etc.) 

Mass notification systems cover a wide regions


Portable Mass Notification

Portable Mass Notification is a crowd control system used at large festivals to address emergencies such as earthquakes, major fires, chemical accidents, and more, in various areas.


Outdoor Alert Speaker

Introducing our powerful outdoor speakers that are designed to deliver exceptional performance even in challenging weather conditions. With a maximum output of 5,000W, these speakers ensure reliable functionality without any issues.

Festive crowd control alert solution

(Selection of Best Safety Cases, Announcement by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security of South Korea)

Safety should be a top priority for event organizers and jurisdictions whenever large crowds gather. A large, portable mass notification system can be used to alert urgent guidance and provide safety information and direction to attendees in the event of an emergency at events such as concerts, festivals, parades, etc. It can also be used in non-urgent situations, such as directing the public to leave the place after the event or giving notice of general information or notifications.


WHELEN Master Distributor of South Korea.

WHELEN Engineering, a world leader in Mass Notification area, was founded in 1952 in Connecticut, United States, and has already celebrated its 71st anniversary. WHELEN designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, lights, sirens, controls, and high-power warning systems for automobiles, aircraft, and large-scale alarm industries around the world.
Global company WHELEN's official Master Distributor (Technology Support and Product Distribution) in South Korea was signed with Bando Warning System Co., Ltd. on May 31, 2023.
It complies with the technical standards of global mass notification systems, and realizes our representative values.
We hope that our warning solution, which can protect lives and property from unexpected disasters, will help you establish your agency's disaster response policy.

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