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Mass Notification 

Remote Wireless Warning System

It is a system that can transmit mass notification in situations of serious threat to the safety and property of the people, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, huge fires, attacks, and strong winds.

And it also operates in remote control by using wireless radio frequencies (VHF, UHF, etc.) and 3G/LTE networks.

Introducing a system that protects property and ensures safety through quick and clear broadcasting when necessary.

Mass Notification of Nuclear Power Plant

in South Korea.



A control station

Designing a control station that enables remote control of both indoor and outdoor alarm devices, we aim to create a control environment that effectively caters to the control communication method. This entails utilizing controllers, servers, software, and other appropriate components. The environment should support independent control configurations, ensuring flexibility for customization based on specific requirements. It should also incorporate interfaces necessary for seamless integration with the parent system, facilitating smooth communication and data exchange. Furthermore, emphasis should be placed on providing a user-friendly and intuitive control interface, ensuring simplicity and ease of use for operators.

Outdoor Type

As an outdoor alert station, our system supports a range of control protocols, including the reception of broadcast data from the control station as well as mobile phone broadcasting. Our outdoor alarm sound products have been thoroughly tested and proven to possess the

highest levels of reliability and scalability.


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Indoor Type

As an indoor alert station, our system is capable of receiving broadcast data from the control station as well as broadcasting messages to mobile phones. It supports multiple control methods including LTE DATA, CDMA, DTMF, VHF, UHF, and PSTN, allowing for versatile connectivity options. Each model of our alert station is equipped with an integrated alarm and amplifier for enhanced functionality.


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