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Portable Mass Notification


Overwhelming large-scale controls on a wide range of festivals, crowds, disasters, military, and demonstrations


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What is a Mass Notification System?

The main function of a mass notification system is to warning emergency information immediately. Mass notification systems quickly send essential information to a wide audience regardless of natural disasters, security breaches, dangerous events, or other emergencies. It can also be used to provide large groups with information about changing but non-urgent situations, such as parking directions in stadiums or operational guidelines during military exercises. Mass notification systems that reach people through various communication channels, such as sirens, speakers, light beacons, and electronic boards, ensure that individuals receive important updates in a way that they can understand regardless of location.


In addition to providing real-time notifications, mass notification systems serve as a comprehensive solution that provides detailed guidance and guidance. Clear communication and immediate action are critical in emergency situations or when there are large groups that need to be informed at the same time.
The Portable Mass Notification System (hereinafter referred to as Giant Voice) provides.

  • Wide range of warning controls with omni-dirctional

  • Overwhelming voice/siren output to suppress ambient noise

  • Immediate use and quick mobility without complex installations

  • General, thermal camera mounted and transmitted to real-time external routes

  • Continuous delivery of visual information with outdoor electronic display

What is a Portable Mass Notification System?

The advantages of a large-scale, portable mass notification system (hereinafter referred to as Giant Voice) are its diversity and adaptability. Even in locations without infrastructure, rapid communication is possible when immediate alerts and guidance are critical. These systems can be deployed quickly, enabling effective communication and emergency management in ever-changing environments. 
Giant Voice typically includes essential components that send alerts to large groups, regardless of location, such as speakers, digital amplifiers, remote control communication devices, power and control interfaces. These systems are lightweight, compact and designed to be easy to install, allowing for fast control in a variety of scenarios. Giant Voice mobility is useful in emergencies, public events, outdoor gatherings, construction sites, temporary workspaces, disaster response activities, and other environments.

It can be used by emergency responders, public safety personnel, event organizers, and organizations that need temporary communication capabilities. Once deployed, Giant Voice, such as a vehicle or trailer system, can transmit alerts and instructions through a variety of channels, including voice guidance, prerecorded messages, sirens, or visual displays.


Most public safety agencies are well aware of mass notification systems that deliver essential safety and evacuation information to communities in the event of an emergency caused by human activities or natural disasters. Typically, these systems are used in a permanent location with a fixed setting. However, Giant Voice can be used for temporary facilities, events, and disaster recovery sites that can greatly benefit public safety agencies, municipalities, and private companies while initiating emergency and disaster response protocols or performing large-scale entertainment or recreational events.
Giant Voice is best known as part of a robust public safety initiative, but it's also an ideal solution for every situation where a large group of individuals must provide information to optimize the experience and improve safety. For example, an individual attending a concert may need to know that access to the parking lot is restricted or closed at certain times. Giant Voice can be installed for regular announcements to the crowd, and outdoor electronic boards can provide clear information.

Portable Mass Notification System can be used in a variety of sites.

Simple, easy-to-use and powerfule warning can play an essential role in any wide range of environments or emergency preparedness and response.


A large festival with crowds of people

Safety should be a top priority for event organizers and jurisdictions whenever large crowds gather. A large, Giant Voice can be used to deliver urgent guidance and provide safety information and direction to attendees in the event of an emergency at events such as concerts, festivals, parades, etc. It can also be used in non-urgent situations, such as directing the public to leave the place after the event or giving notice of general information or notifications. (Public data from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security of South Korea on September 23, 2023 for selecting the best safety cases for local festivals nationwide)


Earthquake, forest fire disaster site

You can control the safety of the site, including civilians and firefighters, in large-scale disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, large-scale industrial complex fires, and chemical accidents. Even when infrastructure such as electricity and telecommunications have collapsed due to disaster situations, an independent system can be established to completely fulfill tasks according to the needs of the site. CCTV and Drone video mounted on up to 6M hydraulic towers can be monitored and relayed to higher-level agencies, and a comprehensive situation room can be built immediately on site.


Military, critical facilities security

In the event of counter-terrorism in urban areas, an independent control system can be established in the event of a collapse of infrastructure to save the safety and lives of citizens and protect order. It can operate as an alarm system linked to security systems in critical facilities such as power plants and defense systems in military bases.


Control of the unrest at rallies and demonstrations

Protesters' violation of assembly rules and disorder caused by high-powered speakers can lead to the police losing control of maintaining social order. The Hornet system, capable of responding to the protesters' powerful sound speakers, can transmit overwhelming volume of sound in certain directions. It is a powerful sound suppression control system that can respond to protesters. (WHELEN HORNET SERIES)


In a disaster situation, what is the fastest and most effective way to warning the public?
It is to alert in a clear and easy-to-understand voice with overwhelming sound over a wide area.
At the moment of need, portable mass notification system(Giant Voice) will restore order and save lives.

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