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Outdoor Alert Device  (EU Integrated Safety Certification Product CE)

The MAJOR SOUND series is a top-of-the-line outdoor alarm system renowned for its unmatched reliability and scalability.

It fulfills all the essential requirements expected from outdoor alarm systems, including robustness to withstand harsh environmental conditions, a high-efficiency design to handle power outages effectively, and the ability to scale according to specific needs and purposes. The controller of this system is equipped with a high-performance microprocessor and housed in a durable aluminum enclosure, which can accommodate up to eight exceptionally efficient card-type digital amplifiers.

Furthermore, the MAJOR SOUND series supports bidirectional communication systems through various means, including radios, CDMA modems, satellite connections, TCP/IP, and RS-232C communication methods. The Major Sound system is designed with two CPU slots, one communication slot, and up to eight amplifier slots, providing ample flexibility for customization. The system offers a wide range of output combinations, with a minimum output of 200W and a maximum output of 3200W, allowing for optimal sound coverage and power management. For control purposes, the MAJOR SOUND series utilizes various control methods such as Pem-NDP S/W, FSK Encoder, CID Encoded dial, and DTMF Encoder. These methods enable the system to perform both live voice broadcasting and digital voice broadcasting, depending on the selected control method. This versatility allows for effective and efficient communication in different scenarios.

One notable feature is the ability to adjust the volume for each broadcast, providing flexibility and customization options based on specific requirements. This ensures that the alarm sound can be tailored to suit the intended purpose and environmental conditions.

The MAJOR SOUND series finds extensive application in critical settings such as nuclear power plants, dams, military facilities, coastal areas, and other locations where reliable and scalable outdoor alarm systems are essential for safety and security.


Outdoor Alert Device

The Semi-Major Sound controller is an outdoor alarm system equipped with a high-performance microprocessor and housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure. It has the capacity to accommodate up to six highly efficient card-type digital amplifiers, allowing for powerful and efficient sound output. In terms of communication capabilities, the system supports two-way communication using radios, as well as two-way communication over CDMA modems and TCP/IP • RS-232C protocols. This enables seamless and reliable communication between the system and external devices or control centers. The Semi-Major Sound system consists of one CPU slot and an additional slot reserved for telecommunications expansion. It also includes up to six AMP slots for amplifiers, offering a range of output combinations from 200W to 1200W. This ensures versatility in adapting to different sound requirements. Moreover, the system incorporates control methods such as PEM-NDP, MSK, CID, and DTMF. These controls, combined with built-in digital voice capabilities and remote volume adjustment, allow for a wide range of applications tailored to meet customer needs. The Semi-Major Sound system is both cost-effective and highly efficient, making it a favorable choice for various settings.

BWS 2204

Outdoor Alert Device

The BWS-2204 is a comprehensive outdoor alarm system specifically designed to enable rapid forecasting and alerting during disasters or emergency situations. It ensures the safety and survival of individuals by utilizing solar, wind, and commercial battery charging methods.

 One of its key features is the ability to remotely adjust the sound volume and upload/download programs, allowing for complete remote management and control. The communication capabilities of the BWS-2204 support various routes, including CDMA, VHF, UHF, PSTN, KBS-TV, TRS, and satellite. It provides multiple system accessibility options, such as internet connectivity using PEM-NDP.

 To enhance reliability and reduce costs and failure rates, the BWS-2204 integrates all essential functions of an emergency alarm system, including the amplifier, into a single piece of equipment. This integration streamlines installation and maintenance processes.

 The BWS-2204 is designed to be easily installed in various challenging locations, including coastal areas, mountain valleys, commercial areas, industrial complexes, and village broadcasting scenarios. The outdoor waterproof aluminum enclosure incorporates CDMA and radio modems, ensuring that the system can be installed in optimal locations for effective alarm broadcasts. The main components, such as the CPU motherboard, amplifier, solar charger, and battery, are integrated to facilitate straightforward maintenance procedures.

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