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Portable Mass Notification (Giant Voice) is the most reliable and accurate warning system that can control the site in a chaotic situation in the event of a festival, event crowd, safety accident, or forest fire or earthquake natural disaster.

Giant Voice overwhelms all sounds, including crowd development in a wide area of several kilometers around it, and noise from sound equipment, ensuring a powerful output to deliver urgent information by voice.

It is the most realistic and reliable way to prepare for possible disasters by quickly developing into local disaster situations or areas where crowds are expected to be concentrated. These alarms do not require complex installations before use and can be used immediately at emergency disaster recovery sites, conflict zones, and temporary large-scale event venues. (We provide convenient instructions for anyone to operate the equipment with just 10 minutes of training.)

It provides a dedicated portable controller for live broadcasting, built-in sound playback, and siren playback for easy use in conditions that require rapid deployment and immediate use. Giant Voice is highly recommended for unexpected disaster sites such as floods, fires, reclamation, terrorism, biochemical accidents, and radioactive spills, which can be used immediately without installation.


A large festival with crowds of people

Safety should be a top priority for event organizers and jurisdictions whenever large crowds gather. A large, Giant Voice can be used to deliver urgent guidance and provide safety information and direction to attendees in the event of an emergency at events such as concerts, festivals, parades, etc. It can also be used in non-urgent situations, such as directing the public to leave the place after the event or giving notice of general information or notifications. (Public data from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security of South Korea on September 23, 2023 for selecting the best safety cases for local festivals nationwide)


Earthquake, forest fire disaster site

You can control the safety of the site, including civilians and firefighters, in large-scale disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, large-scale industrial complex fires, and chemical accidents. Even when infrastructure such as electricity and telecommunications have collapsed due to disaster situations, an independent system can be established to completely fulfill tasks according to the needs of the site. CCTV and Drone video mounted on up to 6M hydraulic towers can be monitored and relayed to higher-level agencies, and a comprehensive situation room can be built immediately on site.


Military, critical facilities security

In the event of counter-terrorism in urban areas, an independent control system can be established in the event of a collapse of infrastructure to save the safety and lives of citizens and protect order. It can operate as an alarm system linked to security systems in critical facilities such as power plants and defense systems in military bases.


Control of the unrest at rallies and demonstrations

Protesters' violation of assembly rules and disorder caused by high-powered speakers can lead to the police losing control of maintaining social order. The Hornet system, capable of responding to the protesters' powerful sound speakers, can transmit overwhelming volume of sound in certain directions. It is a powerful sound suppression control system that can respond to protesters. (WHELEN HORNET SERIES)

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